Friday, March 25

(",) Is BlogDrive Still Alive?! (",)

(",) This could really give justice to my question... "How Are You Guys?". I'm at workand I have nothing to do for the next 2 months, it's a great thing that I could access this site here in our office hekhekhek.. buti nalang... may buhay pa ba sa inyo, been checking my links and non of them posted any entry for the 2011. I guess I'm the first, Kung may buhay pa sa inyo.. magparamdam hekhekhek (",)

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Sunday, March 14

(",) What's Up Twisted?! (",)

Angry  It's been so long... Why Am I still here... Shocked

Big Smile I moved to a new place... far away place... I don't even remember if I wrote this before hekhekhek. Wink

cry Things changed... big time... Before I know what I want... right now, sad to day... I don't, I don't need reasons... I don't need to think... I don't need anything!!!! cry

Wink I'm hungry!! Icloclose ko na siguro tong sitey ko... anong connection kung gutom ako?! ewan! Wink

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Saturday, June 27

('',) All Bad... ('',)


*sigh* I'm losing grip with stuff and all that. I don't know sometimes my head is pushin me to stop. I don't know what's makin m feel this way. Hurmph


Hurmph I tried finding out what's wrong with me and I almost got myself in trouble. I lied to a friend and sneak behind with his girl, another friend who has feelings for me was used by ignoring what she feels. It's not my intention… I was thinking that it could be the answer to my entire question why am I feelin this void in me… but it's not… now; I'm back in square one… Hurmph


cry There are a lot of things goin on in ma head right now… I'm feelin empty though. Usually when I feel bad there's always a song that could make me feel better but lately there's none.. I keep downloading song and playin ma pod again and again hopin that something could make me feel better… *Sigh* cry


Hurmph An ol' friend sent me a msg… I did not respond… I honestly don't know what to say, tried to reach ma line but I turned off ma phone off. It's not the first time… I don't know I don't even us ma phone that much lately… somethin bad is goin on… cry


cry I went to beach last week with couple of office mates, it was fun… it shows (check out the color). I turned really red and now I'm really dark. We stayed in a big floatin house and underneath it is a fish sanctuary. The place is great, there's this slide coming from the hill that will lead you to the beach, approximately 150feet. Night and day all I did was swim tryin all things I could do under water. Snorkelling took most of my time , I enjoyed watching fishes swim scaring them at the same time hekhekhek.Shocked


Hurmph I almost move out from the place where I'm staying and live with my friends' girl. I know it's wrong and it could lead to a more complicated situation… I guess I'll stay instead…Hurmph


Hate this!!!!! Angry


Hurmph'Trying To Reach Out To You Reach My Hand' Hurmph


Shocked Still Tryin To Be Happy cry

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Sunday, May 17

(",) ?????? (",)

Hurmph Sorry but don't get me wrong people... I just don't know how I could come up with something that could make someone's life turn the other way around. I, sometimes find it fascinating... Though, yes... it helps a lot and makes me proud in a way it's just that it's giving me more pressure (which I truly enjoy) b'coz I'm like drawing the line for me not to have mistakes... Grrrrr!!!!!!. Hurmph

Shades Anyway, I have nothing much to discuss hekhekhek... Hmm... daming nangyari lately though... pero wag na anting pagusapan dito hekhekhek palagi namang maraming nangyayari sakin ehhh... Surprise

Wink I'm waiting for a friend now, in short napilitan lang akong mag blog kasi nga wala naman akong magawa habang inaantay sya dito hekhek kaya habang wala pa sige surf lang ng surf baby Tongue

Shades Carpidiem Shades

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Thursday, May 14

('',) Shot Of A Lifetime ('',)


April 20, 2009


Shocked My life's been a roller coaster… I know I'm not the only person who's having the same dilemma but for world peace let me have my right jotting this one. For one, this is my site. Shades


Shades I don't lose focus with my job… I'm always on it… it's just that there's this fuckin day t hat I hate most. When I'm in the office I'm always on my best … I always see to it that regardless of how I feel and what I think people around must see me that I'm the right person for the job which I find not that significant coz I know for a fact that I really can do better. I've proven it many times. Big Smile


Wink It's been 2 nights that I've been out with friends and I always end up drunk doing stupid things. I'm not really a drinker and I'm open with that. So what if I can drink?! I can dance better! I can sing better! To hell! Hekhekhek! Shades


Shocked So there you go. 2 nights of alcohol intoxication! From dusk till dawn drinking session…   dance all you want! Sing all the songs you can sing! That includes kiss all the people you can kiss!!! Hekhekehek I woke up yesterday with headache, I feel like my head is going to blow. I have missed 15 calls and guess what?! I'm with someone… someone that I'm not familiar!! I hate it… I'm so fucked up… Shocked


Wink Took a shower… the person who's lying on the bed is still sleeping… I don't have idea how… ma head was really pounding like hell… went to bed again and the next thing I know that person was wakin me up saying goodbye… I really can't manage to stand up instead I nod and said take care and closed my eyes again. Wink


Surprise I woke up late afternoon and people buggin me of what had happened last night. The only thing I could remember was I arrived in my friends house hungry coz I woke up really late then they gave me a welcome drink which is tequila beer ''Drop Off'' , it's a stupid mix drink where in a shot glass of tequila dropped in a big glass of beer, the moment they drop the shot glass you have to drink it all or else it will drip all over the floor. I haven't eaten during that time… 5 minutes after I took that fuckin mix drink I feel like I'm floating in thin air gaspin and the rest is history.Wink


Smile Moral lesson? Enough with the beer or cognac… start your day with tequila beer and end up in bed with a stranger… hekhekhek!Shades

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Monday, April 6

(",) Have It All (",)

Shades"You can't have all the best things in life" Sino nagsabi nyan ng masaktan ko?! hekehkhek! Nyeta lahat naman ng bagy makukuha mo kung gugustuhin mo eh. It's really up to you kung panu mo sya susungkin! (Magnanakaw?). Seryoso... minsan kasi ang akala natin sa gusto natin yon ang ang the best para tin but then kung iisispin mo halos lahat ng nasa palibot mo the best na depende lang sa pag tanggap ng isip mo. It could be the best problem... the best toy... the best job... the best friends... the best burger... basta the best.Shades

WinkMedyo busy nananaman ako lately, at tamad...  madaling araw na akong natulog kaninaconsidering na wala akong pasok today. Hindi ako ng gym kasi tinatad... mdyo nanaginip ako kanina I don't kung kung banongot ba yon or what. Ang sakit sakit ng ulo ko before ako natulog sa puyat tas nagigising gising ako... mga 10AM kanina nahimasmasan ako and talagang naalala ko pa ang panaginip ko. Ewan ko bakit sila ang napanaginipn ko. Mga kaibigan na matagal ko ng indi nakikita at ang takbo g kwento parang totoo... parang nakakagulat lang... possible talaga na nangyari na hindi ko lang nalaman.Wink

HurmphHay...Kailangan ko ng maligo.. nyeta ginugulo na ako ng mga ta I need to go hekhekhek mapapagalitan nanaman ako mamaya dahil ako nanaman ang huling dumating hekhekhek! gala mode.Shades

Wink Let's All Be Happy... Shades


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Monday, March 9

(",) Surprise!!!! (",)

Shades Took me a long time to update ma sitey hekhekhek was damn busy lately.a lot of things need to be done... Good thing is it's starting to pay off. BETTER is what i can say now. I've been working ma ass really hard lately.. I have to know process with my new company and ofcourse know everything about my position all that. I felt exhausted not because the work is tiring but because of the people that I have to deal with hekhek. Compared to my last company work load here is easier. Most of them here complains about the work load they're thinking that it's too much but as for me I find it easier and it's giving me less stress. That made me proud of my previous company... andaming kong natutunan na nagagamit ko ngayon sa new work ko. Wink

Wink One thing that made me like my new company would be Ma Boss, cool and mabait talaga. Hindi mahirap kausap and all. Speaking of boss. A week ago my old boss who were promoted to a higher position sent me a msg and it was a sad thing. she resigned from my previous company as well.She's moving to a new location.I owe a lot of things to her. By the way if you guys rember that I won Wii? she's the new owner hehehehehehe then I have her phone, she's one hell of a Boss... Really pretty and sexy... she knows that people kept on giving her an eye everytime she's around.Good luck Boss L! Wink

Wink And now for the surprise!!!!!!!!!! Tsaran!!! next week I'll be paying my family a visit! isang patunay na mabait ang boss ko kahit hindi pa ako regular pinauwi na ako hehehehehehe. no one knows about this aside from you guys and ofcourse patas naman ang laban kasi hindi nyo naman kilala family ko hekhekhek! Wink

Wink One reason kung bakit ayokong may makaalam ng sitey ko na kilala ko kasi dito lang ako nakakapag sulat ng kung ano ano.Isang rason why I don't give this address to people I know. Wink


...walang magawa si... TwistedWacko Ng Monday, March 09, 2009
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Tuesday, February 10

(",) Untitled (",)

Wink It's been awhile... (Again?!). Well..busy kasi kaya ganun. nitry ko kasing pagkasyahin lahat nga activities na meron ako sa isang araw pero tuwing umuuwi ako nakabulagta nalang sa kama tas gigising nananaman ng maaga hekhekhek kaya hindi muna ako nga blog at pinasok ko ang pag gygym hekhekhek... Wink

Shades Yup, that's right bumalik na ako sa pagbubuhat ng bangko! este barbel! hehehehehehehe! Ayon maganda ang pinupuntahan ko kasi complete at nakakapag relax ka talaga after mong magpapawis kasi may spa and all that basta maganda. Wink

Surprise Nakalipat narin ako ng bahay and it's not as cool dun sa 2 months na pinatirahan nila sakin pero ayos na ako and sooooooooonnnnnn I'll be having a dog... yehey!!!! I'm excited kasi magkaakdoug nanaman ako... Wink

Shocked Napakasinungaling ko naman kung sabihin kong hindi ko namimiss mga katrabaho ko dati. Inaupdate nila ako from tiem to time... I'm missin them alot. I'm happy coz most of them nag step up narin. It's makin me smile Wink

Wink Kaya ako naka blog ngayon kasi tinatamad akong mag gym.. rest muna next week nalang kasi medyo busy rin sa work eh.Wink

Shades Pagdating naman sa work I'm enjoying the challenge sobra. I don't pero isa lang ang sure ko now. Msaya ako at mag surprise pa ang boss ko sakin and I'm expecting it before the end of the year. Fingers Crossed!!!! Wink

Wink Bangag ako ngayon ng kunti I need to go home now. Need to chill out a little. Let's All Be Happy!!!! Shades

...walang magawa si... TwistedWacko Ng Tuesday, February 10, 2009
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Sunday, January 18

(",) Sunday! (",)

Wink Well, I've got a new schedule.. and I F**k** hate it!!!!!! hehehehe I can live with it thought. Ayoko lang sya hekhekhek!. Wink

Hurmph I woke up late dahil nga nagparty kagabi and pag me party may inuman at pag may inuman si Twisted either nabangag or nakatulog sa kalasingan guess what?! *All Of the Above* ang sagot! hekhek! yan talaga ang kahinaan ko hindi ko alam bakit ang bilis kong malasing. I've been training myself sa inuman pero ayaw talaga! huhuhuhuhu!!! Wink

Shades Medyo nahihirapan ako makipag usap sa mga tao dito minsan kasi nga they talk fast and minsan nakasmile nalang ako sa kanila kahit na alam ko naman hindi ko alam pinagsasabi nila tas bigla nalang may eepal at ipromote ang universal language para maintindihan ko tas tawanan nananaman huhuhuhuhu!!! I'm trying to learn kung panu ang salita nila pero most of the time muka lang tanga hekhekhek but I'm enjoying it may mga nag representa ng sarili nila na turuan ako... para sa kanila good luck!!!! Shades

Wink I need to take a shower now, gutom na ako at magpapalaundry pa... Gala mode muna ako hekhekhek Wink

Tongue It's A Sunday! Let'z All Be Happy Shades

...walang magawa si... TwistedWacko Ng Sunday, January 18, 2009
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Tuesday, January 13

(",) Still Sick (",)

cry Got off fro work... still sick... I'm havin hard time breathin... cry

cry I don't know why am feelin blue right now. Dahil lang ba kaya sa sakit ko to? may lakad sana ako now after work but cancel nalang kasi mapapagod lang ako at mapupuyat mamaya hindi pa ako gumaling hrmpf! kaya tsaka na muna... cry

Hurmph Anyway, nablablanko ako ngayon. Hindi naman ako pagod... wala lang pumapasok sa utak ko ngayon... Ayaw magregister!!!!! Wink

Wink Makapaglakad nalang sa labas! Angry

Shades Regardless! Let's Be Happy Pawin Shades

...walang magawa si... TwistedWacko Ng Tuesday, January 13, 2009
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